About us

3 years in the planning and launched at the end of 2020, Life Ledger is a free easy-to-use service helping families deal with death notifications.

Founded by long-time friends Ruth Blakemore and Tremayne Carew Pole, after Ruth’s painful first-hand experience of trying to close her mother’s accounts, their initial focus was government and driving change from the top.

When this delivered no results, they decided to create their own solution and Life Ledger was born.

In 2019 Ruth stepped into an advisory role and Nicky Hector, who had watched her mum struggle with the results of her grandmother’s death, stepped out of Ocado to help lead Life Ledger from idea to reality.

Two years later Life Ledger was launched.


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Our mission

We want to help every family dealing with bereavement

We understand the importance of what we do, so we make sure to finish everything we start

We deal with sensitive, personal information and treat it as if it were our own

We realise this is a difficult time for the people we help, so we always make time to look at things from their perspective

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult, making death notifications shouldn’t be

Our values


Our business is built around a commitment to act in an ethically sound way at all times. If it isn’t good enough for our loved ones, it isn’t good enough


Constantly mindful of the situation of others the business uses sympathy, concern and understanding to inform its actions


A desire to deliver ‘better’ drives our business, embracing technology not for technology’s sake, but for the beneficial progress it can deliver

We help make death notifications easier.

Our free, easy-to-use service allows families to inform all of the businesses connected to the deceased from one place.

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Life Ledger is free and allows you close all of the accounts connected to the deceased quickly and easily from one place
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Life Ledger is a free, easy to use platform that helps families simplify the death notification process.