One Call Insurance Case Study

One Call Insurance Case Study

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One Call Insurance was founded in Doncaster in 1995, today they provide car, home, temporary, travel and commercial insurance cover across the UK.

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The business lives by the mantra of “ensuring good consumer outcomes are at the heart of our culture” and they saw the Life Ledger service as something that dovetailed perfectly with their business and beliefs.

A more efficient service

The difference is clear, as Lee Greenwood, Head of Operational Performance at One Call Insurance explains’ “Resolving notifications we receive outside of the Life Ledger service is dependent on how quickly we can contact the bereaved and determine what action to take, how long it takes to get a death certificate and then processing time after referring to the insurer. I would say on average we are looking at 5 to 7 working days

Although Lee admits it is “tricky to be 100% precise” the difference is clear “we find that when a notification is received from Life Ledger it is normally dealt with in 24-48 hours.

Easy to implement and use

Outlining the experience so far Lee says, “We found it very easy to implement Life Ledger and incorporate it into our business operation and our key consumer areas.”

Feedback from our bereavement team has been very positive with regards to how easy to use the system is, they have all the information to hand at the first notification instead of having to go back and forth with the consumer to attain this, which is neither good for the business or the consumer.”

A positive consumer response

Feedback from our consumers has been nothing but positive, consumers are really impressed that we are utilising Life Ledger and making it as easy as possible for them.”

Boosting staff morale whilst helping the bereaved

The benefits Life Ledger delivers work both ways, for the bereaved the process is shorter and less stressful and for the contact centre staff the process is, well, shorter and less stressful.

As Lee explains “The team love the system, the boost in morale when a file comes through is something we’ve not seen before and is simply due to how much easier and more automated it makes the whole process internally.

For more information on how to work with Life Ledger please contact:

Jeremy Ford-Young

Partnerships Manager

Tel: ‭07876 805425‬


How it works

Our free, easy-to-use service simplifies the death notification process.
Contact all of the businesses connected to the deceased from a single point and stop having the same difficult conversation over and over, with different people in different businesses.

Step 1


Create an account and add all of the deceased details, just once

Step 2


Select the businesses you want to inform, add account details & instructions, such as close or transfer account

Step 3

Press send

We will select, package and send the information each business requires

What our customers say about us

Thank you again for your personal engagement. I can see how important you are taking this.


A.D, Birmingham

Thank you so much for your concern and going that extra bit further for us, your understanding and compassion shines through.


J.J, Durham

You are making a difficult situation so much easier!


A.G, York

Thank you for everything, I know you've been working hard in the background, this has been a helpful service


N.N, Salisbury

Thanks. You have been a great help. It is appreciated. Take care


S.T, Swansea

It's good to know there's a nice company out there helping with this, thank you


G.Y, Kent

Great to get the emails from Life Ledger letting me know what's been actioned, it is definitely very helpful


C.A, Middlesex

Thank you for all of your support so far, your help has certainly made a difficult task a little more manageable


O.R, Essex

Thank you for all of your support so far, your help has certainly made a difficult task a little more manageable


K.S, Cornwall